Welcome to Cure Chronic Insomnia

Hello my sleep deprived friend,

I’m Sacha, and I had chronic insomnia for four years. I can count on both hands the number of times I got more than seven hours in one night in those years. There was not even one day where I felt rested in that time.

It exacerbated my anxiety, caused depression, and at its worse, led to suicidal ideation. My relationships, work, and physical health suffered along with my mental well-being.

It was a maddening and often defeating experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

But I can say with great relief – I sleep now

I have been sleeping well for the past few years, and wake up refreshed most of the time. Just like everyone else, I still have the odd night where I don’t sleep well. But these nights are few and far between, and don’t throw me off like they used to.

It’s a far, far cry from my panicked reaction I had towards sleep a few years ago. 

I am here to tell you – yes, YOU, my dear chronic insomniac – that you CAN sleep.

You CAN train yourself to have a regular sleep schedule.

You CAN solve chronic insomnia

And you CAN do it all without pills.

I have distilled my years of trial and error into a FREE sleep program. It is backed by extensive scientific research and it will help you finally get the sleep you deserve. 

In 5 weeks, if you internalise the lessons I will teach you, you will:

  • Get a regular sleep schedule
  • Have the tools to create a life-long habit of good sleep

Your sleep will improve considerably if you fully dedicate yourself to understanding and implementing the lessons. And with your new mindset, you will continually improve after 5 weeks. You will finally be able to put chronic insomnia to rest, once and for all.

Sound good?

This isn’t just going to be me telling you to not drink coffee and get some exercise. We both know that chronic insomnia is so much more than that, and anyone who suggests otherwise has no clue what a vicious cycle chronic insomnia can be. Sleep deprivation permeates through every aspect of your life – it’s exhausting. 

I remember being in the depths of suffering and Googling how to overcome insomnia.

I was always hoping for some magic piece of the puzzle that would finally help me. I’m not even being hyperbolic when I say I felt like I was losing my mind. I would oscillate between having panic attacks, crying endlessly from feelings of hopelessness, or experiencing complete numbness because of insomnia.

I just wanted someone to reach out of the screen and truly help me, and to tell me that I would be ok. But instead, what I continually found was one of two things:

  1. A generic list of actions to help you sleep that, on their own, do absolutely nothing. Things like watching your caffeine intake, getting outside, and taking melatonin (God help me if I see one more person thinking that melatonin is some grand sleep cure…). There’s no deeper understanding of WHY those things might help. And HOW they play into the mindset of someone with sleep problems. Or WHAT they mean within the much larger picture of truly tackling chronic insomnia.
  2. A list of all the ways insomnia is dramatically hurting your body and mind. Like, thanks generic blogger, but I don’t need even more stress around sleep than I already have. 

I had already tried all the common things everyone suggests. I also tried any other treatments I could find, both conventional and non-conventional, under the insomniac remedy rainbow. 

Ayurveda, hypnotherapy, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, crystal healing, sensory deprivation, naturopathy, ASMR – I tried them all.

I also tried therapy with a registered psychologist. I must’ve just had a terrible one though, because not only did my mental health not improve, I felt like she just drained me of my money which made my overall stress level that much higher. 

So I’d go back online, hoping and wishing to discover some new piece of information that would rid me of my sleep problems once and for all.

But that never happened. And it was so hard to see the same advice over and over, thinking maybe there’s something wrong with me because I was doing all the ‘right’ things and it didn’t suddenly fix insomnia.

The truth is though, there is no magic cure for insomnia. But there is a highly effective and clear path you can take to tackle chronic insomnia. 

That is why I wrote this course. It’s exactly what I would have needed to make significant strides in overcoming insomnia.

And as far as I can tell, there is no other step-by-step program or place that has cohesive and thorough information to help insomniacs from someone who actually experienced it.

There’s just a hobbled together mess where you have to figure it out on your own. So I created a systematic, step-by-step way to make meaningful and lasting progress towards conquering insomnia.

It worked for me, and I am certain it’ll work for you too. If you follow the steps outlined in the program, you should be sleeping consistently by the end of week 5.

You’ll likely see some information that you’ve seen before, and I hope you will see some new information too that will help you in your journey. Either way, my aim is to provide a more robust context into the mindset of chronic insomnia and offer a new perspective so you don’t have to live with it anymore.

I’ve been where you are, and it may be hard to believe you can sleep normally. But I can say with absolute certainty that you can sleep.

You are a biological being that is wired for sleep, but there are a bunch of layers on top that are making sleep difficult for you. This program helps to strip away those mental barriers preventing you from sleeping.

But there is one caveat. 

You need to be dedicated to getting better.

I know it’s hard. But like any meaningful change that happens in life, it starts with you. You can have the greatest support system to hold your hand, give you amazing advice, and be your greatest cheerleader. But if you aren’t ready to take the steps needed, this program (and any other sleep program for that matter) will not work. 

If you are ready, here is what my expectations are for this course:

  • At best, you will feel completely rested by the end of five weeks.
  • At the very least, you will have a regular sleep routine where you sleep one solid block every night. 

I don’t know about you, but when I had chronic insomnia that sounded like heaven.

Before I did this self-prescribed program consistently, my sleep was erratic. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how I might’ve slept in a night because it was a total crapshoot.

One night, I would sleep 4 hours. The next would be 90 minutes, then 6 hours, then zero, then 5 hours and so on. 

After I did the program that I will teach you over the next five weeks, I slept a consistent 6 hours per night. It was a massive improvement where I felt considerably better and my mental health improved dramatically.

It started the ball rolling where I finally had hope that insomnia wouldn’t be a regular fixture in my life forevermore. It felt like a dark and heavy cloud finally lifted from my life.

Once I started sleeping a consistent 6 hours, I was able to sleep 6.25 hours per night, then 6.5 hours per night. And before long, I was finally sleeping 7-8 hours per night and feeling rested, day after day.

And you can do it too. If you are finally ready to commit yourself to your well-being and to put in the work needed, you can reset your brain to sleep and feel rested.


I am someone who had chronic insomnia for years and wrote this to help others that are in the same boat. With that being said, I am not a physician or a psychologist. While I am confident in the information I present, this website does not substitute professional advice.

Also – babies, infants, children, and teenagers have different sleep requirements than adults. As such, this course is intended for adults only. 

If you’re thinking, ugh five weeks is a long time I need sleep NOW – hear me out.

If you have chronic insomnia, you have had more bad nights than good for at least three months. Maybe even years or decades. I hope you’ll see improvement even quicker than five weeks, but if you follow the course, you will see a dramatic improvement by the end. It’s a blip on the radar in the context of your life. 

You do have to be committed, open to learning, and, most importantly, do the exercises listed. This program isn’t for you if:

  • You aren’t committed to getting better
  • Think you already have the answer, yet still aren’t sleeping

If you are ready, however, there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that you can develop a healthy sleep routine.

There is a wonderfully bright light at the end of the insomnia tunnel.

You absolutely can sleep. And you will sleep.

You will, at a minimum, have a regular sleep schedule by the end of five weeks. My greatest hope though is that you will be able to overcome chronic insomnia by the end. If not, that’s okay too – you’ll be way better off than you are now, AND have the tools to overcome chronic insomnia.

There is an epidemic of poor sleep. Over 75% of North Americans sleep less than 8 hours per night, and over 40% sleep less than 7 hours. Nearly 35% of people have insomnia. So you are definitely not alone when you lay down in bed and your overactive mind won’t stop chattering, even if you’re exhausted. 

A lot of people experience stress and anxiety even at the mere thought of trying to sleep. Many are on prescription drugs to wrestle their consciousness to sleep. Some are self medicating to finally get rest. It’s a poor state of affairs when so many people are struggling and not getting adequate help.

That’s why I’m offering this course for free (though you can donate if you want 🙂 ).

Whether insomnia started because of the stresses of life (hi worldwide pandemic that we have now experienced for one year as of writing) to poor habits and anything in between, good sleep is the bedrock to your overall health. I want you to have that because I know the mental and physical toll insomnia can take on a person. If you want that too, let’s get started.