cure chronic insomnia

 You CAN cure chronic insomnia.

Want desperately to get to sleep? Get a regular sleep routine in 2 WEEKS. I'll show you how with the PDF below.

In desperation, you've looked up how to cure chronic insomnia and keep finding the same advice: limit caffeine, take melatonin, and exercise.

You want to punch your screen. You haven't slept for days, weeks, months, or even YEARS and those things haven't worked.

I get it - I've been there.

That's because these things are only a piece of the "insomnia cure" puzzle.

There is so much more to curing insomnia. There is something fundamentally out of alignment with the way your mind is operating.

You believe that you won't sleep so you don't. You believe sleep is difficult. You've resigned yourself to the title of 'chronic insomniac' like you have your age, gender, and occupation.

Your beliefs are holding you back. There's definitely one belief that needs to go: the belief that you can't or won't sleep and will never cure chronic insomnia.

But there may be something more.

You have to acknowledge the root problem that caused your insomnia in the first place, and really dive deep to uproot it. There is quite likely another belief in your life that you aren't acknowledging that is causing you distress.

What caused your first sleepless night? What is happening in your life right now? Are there things that you're doing to sabotage your efforts to cure insomnia? 

Here, I will deep dive into your mind.

  • I'll explore methods of how to deal with the anxiety around sleep. 
  • I'll also talk about the struggles of insomnia. Too often insomniacs feel alone - this is a place where you're understood.
  • I'll go into in-depth research about your underlying issues so you can get to sleep.

You're not happy, you may feel hopeless. I will help you turn this around.

It won't be easy, but it can be done. You CAN cure chronic insomnia.

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